Previous Weekend Comments

Catholic Engaged Encounter Boise

“Before we arrived on Friday night, we thought we had talked about everything. We were SO wrong!”



“The time away was GREAT. We were really able to focus on ourselves and our upcoming marriage”



“We appreciated the way the team couples shared some of their own lives with us. The real life examples made us feel more prepared for our marriage”


“Understanding the Sacrament and the power it has really opened our eyes and gave us a greater appreciation for marriage.Very benificial, I think it is somethng every couple should go through before they get married no matter what religion they are.”



"Thank you for helping us prepare for married life. Your talks, prayers and guidance were an inspiration. We will speak highly of our time spent here."


"Since I am not Catholic, this weekend has given me an opportunity to spend some time getting closer to my future wife's religion. Also, the topics that were discussed clearly will help make our relationship smoother...."