Our Community - Join Us!

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to do something that will really help make the world a better place?


Our community is a great way for couples to do something together that really makes a difference in our Church and in the world. Just think, if we could really do something to make marriages better and longer lasting, how many other problems would be solved. Engaged Encounter is an opportunity to be involved in ministry as a couple.  Not only will you be helping engaged couples, you will also strengthen your own marriage. How? You will be around other couples who, like you, place a high priority on healthy marriages. The community is like a second family to each other. You will also have opportunities to enrich your marriage through participation in our monthy meetings and parties,  our weekends, enrichment weekends and district and national conventions. Engaged Encounter is a non-profit organization and relies completely upon the married couples who volunteer their time and talent to this ministry.


 There are many different opportunities for you to help out:


* Presenting Team - Our presenting teams present our weekends, sharing their lives and passion for God-centered, life-giving marriage.

* Prayer - We have a wonderful community full of people that simply pray for our Engaged Couples.

* Host Team - Our host teams greet the Engaged Couples Friday nights and help them get situated for their weekend.

* Administration - There are several tasks that are ongoing which include: registration, supplies, finance, and more. If you are interested in volunteering please contact our Local Coordinators. We would love to share this wonderful ministry with you.


 Joining our community is not all that time consuming. Those of us that present weekends usually give between 1 and 2 weekends a year. But there is a commitment to preparing talks and being a part of the community. There is also a need for couples to work in support roles in our community


Join our social group on facebook for a chance to meet other people who have also completed a CEE weekend. We get together for several fun social outings each year.

Catholic Engaged Encounter Boise
Catholic Engaged Encounter Boise